Cloud Mailbox and Document Migration

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Migrating large volumes of data and hundreds of mailboxes to cloud can prove to be a resource- and time-intensive task that may result in prolonged delays, unplanned downtimes, and worst of all, irreversible data loss.

Rete Consulting helps you avoid all these issues by making your cloud mailbox and document migration quick, simple, and seamless. Regardless of the complexity and size of your migration project, we have the resources and expertise required to initiate migrations and move your data to the cloud without taking your systems offline.

Document Migration Service

Documents, presentations, PDF files, and spreadsheets — it is likely that you have huge volumes of corporate and customer data stored on several departmental file servers and portals. While it’s true that a transition to cloud can prove to be beneficial for your business in the long-run, it is important that you make this decisionafter a careful evaluation of potential problems associated with the migration process.

At Rete Consulting, we believe that nothing should limit you from achieving the benefits of the cloud; therefore, we offer you document migration service. We help you migrate all your data to structured cloud-based repositories that are easy to access and browse.

When you opt for our document migration service, you are promised the following benefits:

  • Lower Migration Costs — Your data is migrated to the cloud in a fast and secure manner with minimal system downtime and migration costs.
  • Enhanced Compliance — We ensure your compliance to industry-specific regulatory requirements by migrating your data using our tried and tested migration tools and techniques.
  • Improved Efficiency — Taking control of the entire process from preparation to design and implementation, our experts promise you a hassle-free migration process.

Mailbox Migration Service

Uninterrupted communication and collaboration is imperative for the success of a business. Rete Consulting ensures that your business is not impacted by your move to the cloud with our mailbox migration service. Whether you want to migrate a few mailboxes or your migration project involves up to a thousand mailboxes, we promiseyou a worry-free, quick, and cost-effective way to migrate your on-premise email hosting to the cloud with our mailbox migration service.

You can free yourself from the worries of lost productivity and downtimes by partnering with Rete for a quick, secure, and seamless mailbox migration. The migration service offers you cost- and efficiency-related advantages by providing you the following high-end features:

  • Multi-Platform Compatible — We provide mailbox migration service for multiple platforms, including Exchange, Office 365, Lotus Notes, Gmail, and many others.
  • Transparent Migration — Your folder structures are kept untouched so that the end-user can quickly access their data without any disruptions.
  • Quick Migration — Rete migrates your mailboxes to the cloud using its dedicated web portal, so you don’t have to worry about the hardware and software costs involved.

To learn more about our mailbox and document migration service, you may call us at (512) 596-5001.