Network Setup and Technical Documentation

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Tight project deadlines, increasingly fierce competition, and high end-user demands — businesses are faced with numerous challenges in today’s marketplace. In order to cope with these challenges and maintain their profitability, businesses rely heavily on their technological assets. However, many still fail to ensure optimum utilization of their IT infrastructure due to lack of time or expertise.

Rete Consulting not only helps businesses establish a robust networking infrastructure, but also equips them with all the tools and information they need to ensure optimum utilization of their investment. Our technical documentation service provides the end user with complete information they need to extract greater value from their technological resources and earn a higher return on their IT investment.

Documentation that Amplifies the Value of Your IT Investment

Utilizing advanced technological solutions has become a requirement for businesses that want to gain an edge over their competitors. However, without complete and accurate information, the value businesses extract from their IT investment will be restrained.

Rete Consulting helps you build and maintain a future-ready enterprise by providing you complete end-user documentation that allows your workforce to utilize technology to its full potential. Designed to fulfill the needs of your entire team — from IT experts to end-users, these documents accelerate your organization’s adoption of technological solution and position it for success.

At Rete Consulting, we build the following three types of documents for businesses:

  • End User Documentation — This type of document helps the end-user understand how to access their work areas on the network and improve the efficiency of their work processes by utilizing the advanced features of their workplace network.
  • Admin Documentation — Accessible to authorized users only, the admin documentation not only contains admin usernames and passwords, but also the components configured by our experts and their expected functionality. These components include IP addresses, applications, servers, and other services.
  • Support Contact Documentation — Offering technical assistance in case of an urgent, advanced-level need, this type of document contains information on how to contact the Rete’s experts for each type of situation.

Empower Your End-Users

From troubleshooting small issues, such as configuring internet access to more complex problems that demand advanced skills, the technical documentation provided by Rete Consulting helps businesses overcome any issue in an efficient and agile manner.

To learn more about how our network setup and documentation services can improve the performance of your organization, you may call us at (512) 596-5001.