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Why It’s Time For Small Businesses To Embrace Cloud Technology

For most companies, cloud computing forms a core part of their business strategy. Cloud computing solutions help enhance a company’s IT capacity and overall productivity, while minimizing costs.  As per the most recent research figures, worldwide spending on public cloud services has grown from $70 billion in 2015 to over $141 billion in 2019.

It’s safe to say that all types of businesses, including small firms, can benefit from cloud computing.  Here’s why your small-sized firm should embrace cloud computing:


One of the main advantages of cloud technology is that it causes significant savings for businesses. This is primarily because of the use of sophisticated apps and tools, which eliminate manual tasks and enhance productivity.

In the long run, cloud technology lowers the costs of owning and maintaining software and hardware.

Collaboration and communication

In today’s competitive economic environment, the need for collaboration has never been more critical. Irrespective of size, companies need increased collaboration and communication for seamless operations.

The cloud simplifies collaboration and communication. Employees can work together on projects more efficiently, even from different parts of the world. They can upload, save, access and update documents and files through an array of tools, such as Google Drive. Consequently, it makes it easier to manage individual progress on projects.

Not to mention, you also get the authority to limit who can access certain files.


Cloud technology keeps business data safe and secure. As business information is stored in a cloud server, it’s impossible for an outside party to access it (without your permission).


Whether you are at work or not, cloud technology enables instant access to work files. Employees can access projects from any device, anytime they want. This makes cloud technology particularly valuable for remote workers.

Above all, greater flexibility also results in considerable cost savings. For example, employees can work on their own tablets or smartphones, rather than investing in computers.


As a small business owner, you can integrate various business operations via cloud-based solutions. Besides cost savings, you can also focus on the more critical areas of your company.

Steps to choose the right cloud solution

Choosing the right cloud solution can be daunting. Follow these strategies to select the best cloud solution:

  • Assess your business needs: Before you invest in cloud technology, determine your existing platforms. Focus on the scale of your company, data volume, hosting budget, etc.
  • Understand different types of clouds: Different types of cloud solutions have their pros and cons. Make sure you know exactly which one is right for your business.
  • Consider all costs: Although moving to cloud reduces costs in the long run, factor in all costs. This includes installation, maintenance, internal resources, and more.
  • Choose a reputable name in cloud computing services: In order to get the best outcome, choose a professional IT firm that specializes in the cloud. At Rete Consulting, we offer a wide range of small business IT consulting and services, including cloud mailbox and documentation migration. Contact us now for a free consultation.

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