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managed it services

Managed IT Services

How To Select The Right Service Provider?

Factors To Consider When Selecting A Managed It Service Provider

  1. Put it down to experience
  2. Convey your requirements
  3. The scalability factor
  4. Conformity to industry standards
  5. Multi-environment support

Rete Consulting offers managed IT service that add value to your business by helping you maintain a robust IT infrastructure that supports your business, employees, and customers. Read More

Top 5 Reasons To Choose Our Managed IT Services

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The increasing competition in marketplace is partly a result of globalization. With newer markets emerging every other day, businesses want to attract more and more customers to their services and/ or products.

Thankfully, the advances in information technology have made it possible for small to medium sized businesses to actively participate in this competitive environment. However, most of these businesses lack the resources to manage their IT operations. Read More

Understanding Cyber Security

Cyber crime can occur to anyone, anywhere, with an online presence. But if you’re a small or mid-sized company, chances are, you don’t have a dedicated IT department or access to sophisticated firewalls. This makes you all the more vulnerable.

But why attack small and medium enterprises (SMEs)? Well, they can keep their activities under the radar. Attacking a huge business is not only more challenging, but also poses additional risks. They can make similar gains from multiple SMEs and still not make headlines… Read More

Essential Questions To Ask When Choosing IT Support

Choosing an IT support service is tricky, especially if you don’t have much background knowledge of what you should look for. However, a correct choice can help boost your business. After all, technology can become your competitive edge.

At the beginning of your search for a suitable IT support provider, you will find a number of services providing varying solutions. IT support for small business may include various solutions, including managed IT support services, email and website support, and document migrations to cloud. Read More