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Essential Questions To Ask When Choosing IT Support

Choosing an IT support service is tricky, especially if you don’t have much background knowledge of what you should look for. However, a correct choice can help boost your business. After all, technology can become your competitive edge.

At the beginning of your search for a suitable IT support provider, you will find a number of services providing varying solutions. IT support for small business may include various solutions, including managed IT support services, email and website support, and document migrations to cloud.

However, before deciding on a particular company, you should ask these questions:

Question #1: Is the company big or small?

An IT company can be small or big; both have different advantages. A bigger company can offer more solutions and products to match your IT needs. However, you may or may not be able to afford these services.

On the other hand, smaller companies may provide fewer products, are able to offer personal services.

You should mostly be interested in what services these companies offer, and if it matches your business’ needs. At Rete Consulting Inc., we offer a number of services from email and web hosting to voice and data networking.

Question #2: What level of support do they offer?

IT support providers may deliver services in a number of ways. Their level of services is optimized for different budgets.

Pay-as-you-go: Either you pay an hourly rate or a fixed price, both of which are expensive in the long run.

Break-fix: These are also charged hourly. You can pay for the service in advance or afterwards. Another option is a fixed-price contract, much like an insurance policy.

Managed service: Managed solutions mean that the company manages your systems, so there is a less chance of things going wrong. Our managed IT services are presented in standard and premium packages to fulfill all your IT requirements.

SolutionQuestion #3: What support services are available in the package?

Different companies offer different services as part of their IT support package. We don’t recommend going with a company with a ‘we do it all’ approach.

Instead, opt for packages that detail each individual service offered.

Our standard and premium packages list everything: services included as part of the package, services not included, optional add-ons, and more.

Question #4: Are labor services included?

Sometimes, you need onsite or remote labor services to troubleshoot a problem. Check the services or ask your provider directly if you’re unclear. Our managed services can be customized as per our clients’ needs and labor hours can be included.

Why begin tomorrow if you can begin today? Get a free consultation for our managed solutions and start availing all our included, optional and additional services.

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