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Can Small And Medium-Sized Firms Run Their Business Entirely Online?

Of course, it’s possible! The digital age has made everything so much easier.

With the Internet of Things, everything is just a click away. This is true for all the services you need to run an online business. But whether or not you can operate the business completely online depends on your individual business plan.

If you’re a hairdresser, you of course need a physical presence too. However, if your business model fits, you can make the transition of going completely virtual.

If you’re ready to set up an online business, here’s where you should do:

1. Take the first step

Previously, you had to deal with a lot of paperwork to start a business. Now everything can be done online. It is not only cheaper, but quicker to register a company online instead of by post. As soon as your business is up, you can file your annual returns as well as company accounts online.

2. Build your online presence

An efficient website will direct your customers at the right landing page. So make sure you use a good email and web hosting service. Your website will be the platform to interact with potential customers, answer queries, process orders, and to collect customer feedback.

If your products can also be delivered through online means, then there is no need to have a physical office. Just make sure your hosting service provider offers good network security to keep the cyber troubles away.

Lock3. Adopt cloud solutions

Cloud solution is the answer to your infrastructure needs. Operating a company requires dealing with different applications and data.

Cloud-based software is becoming more efficient in accounting solutions. The spreadsheet, word and data processing applications have already been adopted by small to large businesses to make data sharing and collaboration simpler among staff.

Since cloud computing services allow storage of data in a server other than yours, you don’t need any hardware or other equipment. This means no office space required to keep them secure. Our cloud mailbox and document migration services make the transition easier.

4. Opt for managed IT services

It can be challenging to manage IT solutions when setting up a business. This is why we recommend managed IT solutions to help keep your software up-to-date.

Our managed solutions come with customized features, expert support, enhanced security and data back-ups, automation compliance, and improved control. Furthermore, your small and mid-size business can avail standard or premium services, depending on your particular needs.

If you’re ready, we’re ready too! Read more about the two packages and sign up today.

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