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Understanding Cyber Security

Cyber crime can occur to anyone, anywhere, with an online presence. But if you’re a small or mid-sized company, chances are, you don’t have a dedicated IT department or access to sophisticated firewalls. This makes you all the more vulnerable.

But why attack small and medium enterprises (SMEs)? Well, they can keep their activities under the radar. Attacking a huge business is not only more challenging, but also poses additional risks. They can make similar gains from multiple SMEs and still not make headlines…

But you don’t have to put up with this. Instead, learn about cyber crime and security to protect your business.

Established techniques of cyber frauds

Phishing and Trojan viruses are two main ways cyber criminals can attack your data:

Phishing will use emails to trick you into delivering personal information such as log-in details of your bank accounts. They can also make you download malwares onto your system.

How does this happen? These emails impersonate a genuine company, for instance, a popular bank’s internet services. They use fake IDs but the email will look believable if you don’t check the actual address.

Trojans are malwares which are installed on your network without your knowledge. These can be designed to do a number of things, such as stealing money from your account.

Cyber securityWhat steps should you take to ensure security?

  1. Be vigilant! This is the best method to fight against cyber crime. Don’t click or open anything that looks fraudulent. Check the actual email address of the sender and not their name which is what appears most often.
  2. Train your staff to follow these rules as well. Double check with actual sources by calling them up; use information from your own previous records.
  3. Install firewall and an antivirus software. A firewall can be used to protect hardware or software, preventing access to unauthorized users. Efficient antivirus softwares will protect against all types of viruses and malware. Keep these up-to-date, along with your operating system and web browser(s).
  4. Invest in data back-up solutions to keep your businesses running in case of data theft. We offer managed IT support services with optimized security to ensure protection against hostile IT threats. With our data back-up function, you can easily restore all your business and customer data.
  5. Opt for secure email hosting services to deter break-ins. Our email and website hosting services take extra security measures for consistent protection. This includes junk mail filtering, emergency mail and virus scanning.

We offer both standard and premium managed service for your business. Contact us today for free business consultation.

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