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It’s In the Cloud – But What Exactly Is the Cloud Itself?

For any business, seeking a solution to reduce its operational cost, improve its operational efficiency and enable ease of collaboration between employees,cloud computing is often recommended as the go-to-solution.

Looking for such a solution? It’s in the cloud!

Businesses are told.

But what exactly is this technology all about, the topic rarely primes the subject of such discussions.

You end up with a suggestion but since you don’t know how cloud computing works, what it looks like, where you can find it –  you remain in doubt with regards toits deployment.

Today, we are here to address the unaddressed.

Whether you are planning to use a cloud based platform and have questions about how it all works; or, if you have already been leveraging the benefits of cloud computing but never really understood what goes behind the scene and want to know – we will provide you with the answers.

Let’s get started…

What It Looks Like?

Not like a computer, neither like a phone and definitely not like a cloud either.

  • Have you ever used Dropbox to send a file link to your business peer? Well that is one example of how cloud computing looks like.
  • Have you every stored a file on your Google Drive? Again, that is exactly how the technology looks like.
  • The software that your business peers use to collaboratively edit a document or a presentation, its interface, that is how cloud looks like.

It’s basically a virtual space—a virtual setting. You can fill it with anything. How that space looks like depends on the type of service you are availing through a cloud platform.

How It Works?

You have a computer at your office. You store files in it and install software and apps on it. Your computer is part of your physical world.

Similarly, in the virtual world—the world of internet—we have servers that perform the same work for us online.

You store files in a server and you install software and apps on it. When you want to use these installed applications, or access your stored files, you send a request to a server. Your server is just like your computer. It has storage drive, a RAM, a central processing unit;it is a complete machine.

This machine powers the cloud based operations and facilitates everything that you do in cloud.

And unlike your computer, where only you have the access to it, a server assigns access to multiple users. The technology of internet then enables users to access the files and documents on a server.

Does that mean what you do in cloud, everyone can see it, since everyone have access to it?

Yes. No. Maybe.

It depends on the access credentials and privacy policy set by your service provider, as well as the type of application you are using. For example, everyone have their own account in Dropbox. Others can’t see what you have in your account—unless you decide to share it.

On the contrary, if you are using a cloud based project management software, then all the members of your team can see what other members are doing.

Where It Is?

The servers?

They are physically installed at a remote location owned or rented by the cloud service provider. These locations are spaced all over the world—across different cities and countries.

Want to know more about clouds and cloud computing? Check out this helpful post, explaining the different types of cloud computing models and which one should you deploy for your business.

If you have any other questions, feel free to reach out our expert IT service professionals in Austin and Georgetown. They will be happy to facilitate you.

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