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Collaborative Organization

Why is Creating a Collaborative Organization a Need for Businesses Today??

According to a recent study, 39% of employees feel that their organization does not have a collaborative environment.

The same study also reveals that 86% of employees and executives feel lack of networking and ineffective communication leads to workplace failures.

Isn’t it true that sharing of ideas and collaboration at the workplace leads to innovation and better products, which in return, improves the profitability of the business and increase employee morale and satisfaction.  This has increased the need for data and voice networking services for businesses today.

Yes, the importance of networking in organizations and the need for creating a collaborative workplace environment cannot be denied. Rete Consulting is one such company that offers data and voice networking solutions to organizations to handle their new and existing IT programs with ease and be able to serve their employees and customers without having to reconstruct their network infrastructure.

Having a collaborative organization means that the organization is able to achieve innovation as well as operational success. Customers expect more from businesses in today’s era making it essential for a company to have effective organization-wide connectivity. This way the company becomes more flexible in responding to any changes.

For effective organization-wide connectivity it is important to have a network structure that is planned strategically and is able to connect all the communication resources such as computers and printers, etc, within the entire organization.

Why is a solid networking structure a must-have for businesses

It is important for a business to be running a solid and reliable network infrastructure because it depends over it for its daily operations. Without it, there cannot be any customer contact. Businesses also need to ensure that their order department is running smoothly. Reliable networking services are what can make a company profitable.


Suppose a company uses an internet based software to control and manage its inventory system. However, it takes orders from its customers over the phone. If the networking system is not excellent and the internet service goes down, the workers will not be able to figure out the amount of inventory left. But since they are taking orders over the phone, this may lead to customers getting upset.

Another important thing! Workers working for an organization with a good networking structure are able to access their required information such as customer details with ease and are able to finish their tasks faster. They are able to deliver orders to their customers timely, which helps them retain customers.

To create a collaborative organization, you need to acquire the best networking services for your business.

At Rete Consulting, our networking services and solutions include routers, switches, point to point wireless, Wi-Fi, location and drop labeling, broadband calling, physical band virtual servers, etc. We also provide email and website hosting in Austin Texas. Contact us now for a free consultation.

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