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Importance of Managed IT Services for Small Businesses

‘Managed service’ is a term often used by small business owners. With small business owners constantly looking to maximize revenue and growth by utilizing the power of cloud, social and mobile platforms majority of them are beginning to pick up on all innovations today’s businesses need.

While many SMBs continue to rely on in-house help for IT network management, this means they often miss out on core IT aspects like application management, disaster recovery and network security.

Here is where managed IT services come in. For an affordable price tag, managed IT services provide comprehensive IT management services, risk management, security and plenty of opportunities for SMBs to grow.

Here are a few reasons why a growing number of small business owners are beginning to move to managed IT services:

Strictly Controlled IT Costs

Managed IT plans can be specifically customized according to your business needs. You can forecast and budget all costs which also leaves you with more time to focus on other important business functions.

The right managed IT services provider will provide you with proactive maintenance, security and IT management while eliminating the need to face unforeseen costs.

Cut Down Business Risks Tenfold

Loss of important data, cyber breaches and malware are all problems that can render your business down for a period. Not to mention that natural disasters can rip apart your facilities, leaving nothing behind to carry on the operations the next day. Managed IT companies provide services that are primarily aimed at risk mitigation.

Even when a problem arises, with the help of the service provider, you can have all your operations up and ready in no time.

On top of that, managed IT service providers have professionals who understand the importance of data integrity for your business and implement necessary measures to protect it.

Cut Down Costs

Hiring IT staff and training can be an expensive and time consuming process. On the other hand, managed IT services give you instant access to years of IT expertise for a fraction of cost.

In fact, instead of hiring fulltime IT managers, many SMBs are cutting down costs and hiring help from managed IT services.

No More Downtime

Perhaps that one reason why managed IT services remain important for SMBs is because of their ability to cut down downtime.

Many managed IT service providers offer uptime guarantees as well. They also keep a track of all activities to forecast problems and address them proactively to prevent system failure—that means constant uptime and zero risks for SMBs.

However, managed IT services are only as good as the company you choose. Give us a call today for IT system support in Austin and find out how we can help your SMB grow while mitigating risks.

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