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Web Hosting Separated

Are You Keeping Your Email And Web Hosting Separated?

Web hosting and email hosting are often offered to businesses as a package. It gives small businesses a chance to have a professional email ID. However, though advantageous to a certain extent, there are some limitations to this.

IT consultants are now advising businesses to opt for email hosting. Here we’ll look further into ‘why’.

Web Hosting Separated

Why Should You Keep Email Hosting Separated From Web Hosting?


  • Just as the name suggests, web hosting is meant only for hosting websites. A lot of businesses make mistakes of getting their company’s email hosted by their web hosts, just because it costs them less. This might cause their business to face even bigger problems.
  • When you host your email on the web, the space that web is supposed to be using is utilized by emails instead. Imagine all the space that your website would need to work is now taken over by your email. That may affect website functionality.
  • If your website crashes, your emails may as well.
  • Using email hosting with web hosting creates a barrier for your website and limits its functionality. If you are planning to migrate your website, you can do it better when you don’t have any email dependent on it.

What Happens If You Failed To Keep Your Web and Email Hosting Separated?


Failure to keep web and email hosting separated, or opting for shared hosting contains a number of drawbacks:

  • Shared servers are subject to security risks, like hacking; you may lose all your important data.
  • Because of constant communication between your employees through emails, your website might experience inactivity and sluggishness.
  • All your employees will be using the same hard drive; which is why you might experience a limitation in resource.
  • Your shared hosting plans may have a fewer features, relative to the dedicated hosting plans, that offer separate web and email hosting.
  • The customer support service of your shared hosting plan might not be as good as dedicated shared plans.
  • There might a limitation in using ports and connections because of the security reasons.

All businesses–small or large—need an intuitive and responsive website; with a better-performing communication system.

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