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Cyber Security- Employee Awareness And Training Can Defeat Attackers!

The biggest threat to businesses today isn’t fluctuating economy, but cyber attacks. No wonder, businesses invest so much into online security, installing antivirus programs, creating backups and upgrading to latest software.

However, most data breaches don’t occur because of smart hackers. These breaches are increasing because employees are not properly trained for online security. For instance, an antivirus package is only good if it is properly scheduled to run.

Setting internal protocols and training your employees can have a significant impact. Here are a few areas where you must train employees:


Your employees should know that they must set complex passwords to avoid data breach. Furthermore, two step authentications must be set for emails and file sharing.

This is especially important if your employees use and travel with office laptops or smartphones. This will allow a higher level of security in case of theft.

Network connection

Employees should avoid Bluetooth, if possible. These can be easily breached to access company data. Improper use of office internet connection can also lead to sites which can install Trojans on your system.

Router passwords should be complex and must have WPA2 encryption set.

Access to office devices

This seems like a no-brainer. Most employees work with office equipment. However, a considerable chunk is still allotted laptops for immediate access. And sometimes they may allow their spouses or kids to use the system.

This provides easy access to company data and risk security. Sharing these devices should be prohibited. Even if an employee allows someone to use it, they should set a separate account without administrator privileges. This will prevent websites from installing malware to the system.

Physical security

Your data is as safe as is the equipment in which it is stored. Mobile devices, smartphones and desktop computers must all be physically safe and secure. The office space should be well guarded and unauthorized access should not be allowed.

Also, these devices should never be left in the car, or left unattended in a public place.

Data Encryption

Even if your employees are responsible and keep their devices safe, they can still get stolen. This is why data must be encrypted to secure it further. This can easily be achieved in computer systems, but it is difficult for smartphones.

You may also transfer some of the sensitive information and document to cloud systems. This will not only secure your data but also work as a backup.

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