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Designing A Network

Designing A Network – What You Should Keep In Mind?

While designing a new networking system, it’s important to consider the needs of the ones who will be using it, and the finances of those who will be paying for it.Designing A Network

There are several things that play their part while designing a network.

1. Security

Security is an important challenge that needs to be addressed. Security in a data-network includes where the data is stored, what type of information is shared, who is accessing the information and the devices that are being used.

2. Redundancy

Redundancy pertains to creating a backup, so the whole networking system can work without any disruptions at the time of failures.

If a business prefers using its own web servers instead of internet connectivity, then there should be a working second connection lined up in place. This can ensure businesses a least downtime, at the time of working.

3. Consistency

Consistency of the hardware and software used in the data network is absolutely crucial to ensure that the network is working swiftly. Having consistent hardware curtails the frequent costs of maintenance and repairs.

4. Failure Recovery

Another vital component in the data network should be the plan to recover from any failure or disaster.

Failure recovery includes lining up a back-up power source, backing up the data and so on. There are many businesses that invest in backing up their data on a weekly basis. Doing this, allows them to have daily back-up of their data. They get to keep their data safe from potential disasters, such as fire, system failure, etc.

5. Growth

Data network in the business should have a growth percentage of at least 20%. Of course, it is hard to anticipate the growth of a business in the period of 2, or maybe 3 years. But the data network has the capacity of growing, which is why separating funds for its expansion should be considered crucial.


For businesses, it has become a necessity to have a developed data communication network that provides a well-maintained connectivity across the organization.

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