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Microsoft Office 365: Top Reasons For Businesses Making The Switch

Microsoft Office 365 has revolutionized the digital world for business environments. Its features like OneDrive, SharePoint and Skype for Business has made it a very enticing choice.

While these are appealing aspects of the package, this isn’t all it has to offer. In fact, most businesses that have recently migrated to Office 365 have done so because of the growth opportunities offered by the plan.

From better productivity and higher predictability to lower costs, Office 365 has a lot to offer to businesses. From startups to enterprises, several companies have acquired multiple advantages, including:

Productivity gains 

Its cross-platform support allows businesses to access their documents from Mac, PC, iOS and Android devices. Several organizations are now issuing employees their own devices which aren’t always PCs.

Furthermore, you can gain access to the work generated in Office 365 products, anytime and anywhere.

Collaboration and sharing features also allow changes in spreadsheets and other documents without creating multiple versions.

Flexible deployment options

Depending on your organization’s migration timeline and security needs, deployment can be done in one of the three ways:

On-premise deployment allows plans with full installation versions. This is consistent with older Office solutions, but with added scale and cost benefits of Office 365.

Cloud deployment is mostly associated with Office 365 and includes migrating back-end services like SharePoint and Exchange to the cloud.

Hybrid deployment allows both on-premise and cloud solutions for organizations.

Manageable costs

When opting for Office 2016 suite, an organization gets plenty of flexibility for scaling up or down. The cost structure is predictable; you pay for what you use. This also applies to Client Access Licenses costs for Skype for Business, Exchange or SharePoint.

Instead of committing with long term contracts, choosing Office 365 offers a more flexible arrangement.

icons-for-office-file-extensionsUp-to-date features

Subscribers have access to the latest versions of all Office products, irrespective of the method of deployment.

Previously, access to newer versions involved purchase of new licenses Software Assurance agreement maintenance.

The latter works like an insurance policy; it allows you to receive the latest versions of different products without buying new licenses for all of them. Office 365 obviates the need for this package.

Support for migration

Organizations that need help migrating to this very innovative solution have services available too. Furthermore, several reseller programs, such as ours, help make the migration easier for you.

Opting for these support services, you reduce costs required for staffing and end-user adoption.

Office 365 is the future for businesses looking to become more productive and gain more collaboration. Our IT service provider company offers a full range of managed business services, including Office 365 reselling. Dial us up and say hello to your future!

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