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Tip For Startups–Deciding Factors That Influence Your Hosting Choice

Markets today follow Darwin’s theory of evolution; it’s all about the survival of the fittest. While globalization has provided us several opportunities for business growth, it has also pitted us against other competent companies.

It is especially difficult for startups to reach the top of the ladder. It requires a lot of time, patience and the right choice of support services. IT network support services remain one of the frequently required support.

Finding a good hosting partner is half the battle. Your choice of hosting will ultimately be decided by:

Hosting type

You can go with shared, VPS or dedicated hosting. Shared solutions are cheaper, but require you to share the server with a number of other users. It also makes you vulnerable to attacks; you don’t want to take these risks at the very start of a new business.

Our advice is to go instead for dedicated solutions. You get a secure server which ensures you a hassle-free hosting experience. It will prove to be fruitful in the long run, giving you higher revenues and customer base.


Startups are smaller in terms of business size, and often require less (digital) space and customization. However, once a business starts growing, it needs more IT resources. If you plan to expand your business one day, start working on your expansion strategy.

When choosing a hosting solution, understand the scalability of your server and package. Can it deal with frequent online traffic spikes? If you don’t get the required results, your website will face downtime and you may lose customers.

Opt for a hosting option which allows growth and can be upgraded, when needed.

an-operator-supporting-a-customerCustomer service

If your website suddenly goes down, what’s the first thing you do? You contact your service provider’s customer support so that this issue can be addressed.

Imagine if you can’t connect with their customer service. The downtime could result in business loss.

This is why a reliable customer service is part of the deal. At Rete Consulting, we make sure we’re available 24/7 for our customers. When you trust us with your hosting needs, we promise to offer you reliable solutions.


The price tag of a hosting solution is a major factor. Most startups hesitate in investing significant amount to acquire competitive hosting solutions.

Direct costs can be misleading. Going for the cheapest solution is not the right choice. For instance, if you choose a non-scalable solution, you end up switching to a more advanced plan or another provider once the business starts to expand.

Instead of redoing everything at the most critical time, plan it today. Go for a solution which offers you the most in terms of flexibility and customization. Our plans are focused on serving you in the best possible manner.

Ready to make the best of our all-rounder hosting solutions? Then call us right away! We offer small business IT support in Austin.

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