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Security Threats

Security Threats for E-Commerce Websites

E-commerce businesses are based on electronic transactions that are carried out over the internet. Such kinds of businesses are highly vulnerable to both internal and external security risks. Nowadays, numerous cyber attacks are carried out on online business and financial trading platforms by malicious entities.

Companies conducting online transactions are realizing the importance of using good cyber-security software and are constantly coming up with new ways to guard against cyber attacks. Almost every online business employs some kind of anti-virus software or firewall to safeguard their websites. However, Hackers are constantly coming up with new ways to overcome these protective measures and gain access to their online operations.

The internal threats for e-commerce websites can be easily  controlled by adopting good management practices and a proactive approach towards upgrading security systems. However, dealing with external threats can be quite tricky and companies have to employ a variety of methods to ensure that their data is safe and secure.


What Are The Major External Threats That Plague E-Commerce Websites?

  • Viruses

Viruses are malicious pieces of code that threaten the integrity of a computer system or network. They are capable of corrupting data files and interfering with the normal operation of a computer. Boot sector virus, resident virus, polymorphic virus, overwrite virus, and many other kinds of viruses are used by hackers to infect computers and disrupt their online activities.


  • Worms

Worms are also used by hackers to infect computer networks and can prove to be quite destructive if a computer network does not have adequate cyber security software installed.

  • Trojan horses

A Trojan horse is also a malicious program that can be extremely destructive for a computer system. Such kinds of programs are extremely destructive because they pose as legitimate programs and are not easy to detect. They are widely used by hackers to gain sensitive information about organizations, like login data, and use it to take over their online systems.

  • Spyware

Malicious software belonging to this category is often used to secretly steal important data files from a company and sell it to its rivals or use it to blackmail the company itself.

Apart from these common cyber threats, there are many other ways in which malicious entities can gain access to an e-commerce website or disrupt its activities.

It is important to take adequate security measures against online attacks and use the latest antivirus and antispyware software to protect your e-commerce business.

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