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Email Hosting

Here are Some Advantages of Having Email Hosting

In today’s world, it is important for businesses to be able to have clear communication channels, both, to communicate internally with their employees and externally with customers.

Thus, having email hosting is one intelligent strategy utilized by businesses today. It helps them save precious time and resources.

Setting up and managing their own messaging infrastructure is not easy for businesses. There can be hardware and software problems, viruses and increased need for maintenance and support, eventually leading to increased costs for businesses.

Email is one of the most convenient modes of communication. But if you are finding it hard to control your communication’s infrastructure, here are a few benefits of email hosting.

1. Cost savings

Having your email hosted means you do not need to spend on a server of your own; neither do you have to worry about upgrades, storage and maintenance. It allows you to focus more on your core business operations than anything else.

2. Upgrades

Every hosted email service provider keeps their services updated at every point in time so that they are never outdone by their competitors. So, if you are availing their services, you are getting the latest models and top of the range hardware at no additional costs.

3. Virus filtering

Having your email hosted by professionals helps keep spam and viruses at bay. Their filtering methods such as greylisitng , whitelisting, and blacklisting deal with spams automatically sending them to the quarantine folder. Added to this, antivirus scanners are also integrated the host’s SMTP gateways.

Email Hosting

4. Scalability

A scalable service is considered ideal for businesses that have quick plans for growth. Since most providers charge on a per inbox per month basis, it allows businesses to save cash. This service is ideal for seasonal businesses too that employ quite a lot of temporary staff.

5. Merger

When two businesses involve in a merger, running two different communication systems becomes more costly. You have got to pay the license fees twice. While merging both the systems can be a complicated process. In such a case, having a hosted email is the best option. It is cost-effective and simple.

We make sure that your business is more productive and efficient with email hosting services that offer ultimate performance, security,  24/7 accessibility just in return for a reasonable monthly fee.

We also provide managed IT services and networking services in Austin. For free consultations, contact us now.

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