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Tip For Startups–Deciding Factors That Influence Your Hosting Choice

Markets today follow Darwin’s theory of evolution; it’s all about the survival of the fittest. While globalization has provided us several opportunities for business growth, it has also pitted us against other competent companies.

It is especially difficult for startups to reach the top of the ladder. It requires a lot of time, patience and the right choice of support services. IT network support services remain one of the frequently required support. Read More


Microsoft Office 365: Top Reasons For Businesses Making The Switch

Microsoft Office 365 has revolutionized the digital world for business environments. Its features like OneDrive, SharePoint and Skype for Business has made it a very enticing choice.

While these are appealing aspects of the package, this isn’t all it has to offer. In fact, most businesses that have recently migrated to Office 365 have done so because of the growth opportunities offered by the plan. Read More


Major Steps Of Network Documentation

Network setup and documentation is important for every business. It is especially essential for value-added resellers and service providers.

Documenting user networks provide valuable information for backup in case of network failure. It helps troubleshoot problems quickly and efficiently. It can also help identify areas that need upgrading, assisting you in adhering to the industry’s best practices. Read More

email hosting

Email Hosting Services – Should You Choose One?

In the corporate world today, internet has become the standard mode of communication. From small to large businesses, each company more or less depends on emails for business communication.

While it isn’t too difficult to manage these emails in the start, as a company grows, the importance of emails increase too. Hence, timely communication is dependent on the quality of your email service. Read More


Cyber Security- Employee Awareness And Training Can Defeat Attackers!

The biggest threat to businesses today isn’t fluctuating economy, but cyber attacks. No wonder, businesses invest so much into online security, installing antivirus programs, creating backups and upgrading to latest software.

However, most data breaches don’t occur because of smart hackers. These breaches are increasing because employees are not properly trained for online security. For instance, an antivirus package is only good if it is properly scheduled to run. Read More